Mixing in our Tom Hidley-inspired “non-environment” room and through our transparent Amphion monitors means hearing your mix, not the room. The studio offers a selection of top-notch outboard gear and a large collection of popular plugins.

In person rate: €75 euros per hour. Depending on the project, mixing can be done very quickly or can take several days.

We prefer to work with you in person, but we can also help at a distance. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
e-Mixing rate: 300 euros per song (up to 24 tracks). Please specify if you need more than 10 songs mixed and we will arrange a discount.

Tracks must be:
in .wav, .aif, or .aiff formats
in 16, 24, or 32 bit depths
in 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, or 96KHz sample rates
without clipping or artefacts
preferably without effects (compression, EQ, reverb)

The Spheres will select a mixing engineer most qualified for your genre of project and will deliver your mixed track within two weeks in the original sample rate and bit depth as well as a 16bit 44.1kHz version ready for burning to CD. Further requests for revision can be made within one week of delivery without any additional costs incurred.