AKMI Duo – saxofono e pianoforte


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AKMI Duo – saxofono e pianoforte

The Spheres

Monday, 7PM to 9PM
9 September 2019


The Spheres



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AKMI Duo – saxofono e pianoforte

The Spheres

Monday, 7PM to 9PM
9 September 2019








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saxofono e pianoforte



Il Duo AKMI viene dalla svizzera per presentare un programma di musica per saxofono e pianoforte, con la sonata di Hindemith, una fantasia basata sulla Carmen di Bizet (qui nella versione di Borne), e musiche di Albright, Juillerat, e Naon.

Valentine Michaud – sassofono
Akvilė Šileikaitė – pianoforte



– Paul Hindemith – Sonate op.11 n°4
– Luis Naon – Yendo
– Kévin Juillerat – l’Etang du Patriarche
– William Albright – Sonata
– François Borne – Fantaisie Brillante sur des Airs de Carmen

Once upon a time in Zürich … the adventure of Akmi Duo could be written like a fairy tale – a bit of rock’n’roll fairies. It all starts in September 2015 at the Zurich University of the Arts: at the end of the first welcome meeting for new students, Akvile comes right to Valentine and offers her to play together. They never met before but she acquired experience in Lithuania in the saxophone repertoire, she says decidedly from the height of her meter and fifty-five. The saxophonist accepts without hesitating – it is not every day that a pianist offers her services so spontaneously, and what is more, is interested in the classical repertoire of this somewhat crazy instrument.


On the same wavelength both with their strong characters and their choice of repertoire, resolutely turned towards contemporary music that they interpret with undisguised joy, a strong friendship soon binds the two young musicians. Concerts, competitions, awards and travels follow one another, bringing their part of adventures: USA, Berlin, Moscow, St Petersburg, Riga, Verona, Lucerne, London … sometimes one has to jump in extremis in an airplane in the middle of an afternoon to come save a competition at the other end of Europe the same evening, where the pianist is missing… Or one has to improvise a cultural mediation session in the middle of a Moscow stage to avoid the scandal provoked by a humorous contemporary piece that is not truly appreciated by a virulent old lady in the audience. They have to share hotel rooms, carry suitcases, work their scores on the train, the plane, the car.


And, always, the music comes together in every corner of their day: it is it that rhythms the hours of rehearsals, of teaching, but also their circle of friends. It also inspires them – although they can quote relatively heterogeneous idols, from their mothers to Serena Williams, Beyoncé or Barbara Hannigan… Personalities who illustrate well their voluntary character, their overflowing energy, their taste for the challenge, to push their limits even if they embark on crazy projects. At ease in a wide repertoire ranging from the tango to the original works of the 20th and 21st century for saxophone and piano, Valentine and Akvilé are distinguished by their taste for diversity, value they also grow outside the rehearsal room.


Both of them are sensitive to aesthetics, their stage does not stop at the backstage curtain but does extend to the street, and this since their youngest age: «All the world is a the stage», as Shakespeare used to say… At the age of 7, dreaming of a golden instrument, Valentine throws her focus on the saxophone, while Akvilé challenge the piano, this huge animal which looks far too classy not to try it. Today, while the pianist also works as a photographer and painter, the saxophonist creates clothes for the street or the theatre and is a funder member of a multidisciplinary artistic collective that brings together musicians, dancers and visual artist. Whether it’s extravagant shoes or crazy dresses, motorcycle road trips, Muai thai sessions or wild salsas, the two young women turn to an energetic tempo to the sound of their colorful passions.


To be continued…