Duo Ultima, sassofono e pianoforte


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Duo Ultima, sassofono e pianoforte

The Spheres

Saturday, 7PM to 9PM
8 June 2019


The Spheres



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Duo Ultima, sassofono e pianoforte

The Spheres

Saturday, 7PM to 9PM
8 June 2019








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Dances and Delights

Duo Ultima


Eugène Bozza: Scaramouche (1944)
Claude Delvincourt: Croquembouches (1929)
​​​1. Plum Pudding
​​​2. Puits d‘Amour
​​​3. Nègre en Chemise
​​​4. Linzer Tart
​​​5. Grenadine
​​​6. Rahat Loukhoum
Eugène Bozza: Pulcinella (1944)
Fernande Decruck: Pièces Françaises (1943)
​​​1. Tambourin
​​​2. Vieux Calvaire
​​​3. Villageoise
​​​4. Forlane
​​​5. L‘Horloge
​​​6. Rondel
​​​7. Rigaudon
​​​8. Toccata
Jacques Ibert: Aria (1930)
Claude Pascal: Sonatine (1947)
Astor Piazzolla: Études Tanguistiques (1987)
​​​No. 4
​​​No. 5
​​​No. 6




The name Duo Ultima is a play on words. On the one hand, the music the duet plays is very challenging: the ultimate challenge. On the other, the name connects with Ultima Thule, a name given to the northernmost land, possibly Iceland, by the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas from Massilia.

Duo Ultima has been active for 15 years. The players’ first collaboration was in 2001, when they rehearsed Jacques Ibert’s saxophone concertino with the North-Iceland Symphony Orchestra. The duet’s first concert took place in 2002, and featured composers such as Debussy, Schmitt and Jolivet.
At that time, both Guido Bäumer and Aladár Rácz were living temporarily in North Iceland. Since 2005, Guido has lived in Reykjavík; Aladár moved there in year 2013. Both are respected musicians and teachers in Iceland, including in esteemed institutions like the Iceland Academy of the Arts. The Duo has also participated in numerous festivals and played in many larger concert halls.

Guido Bäumer was born in Germany. At young age he entered the Musikhochschule in Bremen, obtaining a teaching degree for saxophone and flute. Guido then studied at the Musik-hochschule Basel with Prof. Iwan Roth, where he achieved a concert diploma par excellence for saxophone. Guido completed a postgraduate degree from the Bowling Green State University of Ohio, USA, achieving the prestigious “artist certificate”.

Guido is a member of the Icelandic Saxophone Quartet, and plays with diverse chamber music groups and orchestras in Iceland, such as Caput-Neue Musikensemble and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

Aladár Rácz was born in Bucharest, Romania, from Hungarian roots. He studied at the “Georges Enescu” music school and at the Music-Academy in Bucharest, where he completed his postgraduate studies. Aladár has participated in numerous masterclasses and has won several international competitions, in Spain and Italy, among others. Aladár takes an active part in Icelandic music life, performing as a soloist with orchestra, chamber musician and accompanist.