About Us

The Spheres is a recording studio and events space in Pescara-Montesilvano (Italy) on the Adriatic coast, offering state of the art audio and video equipment as well as an active concert calendar.

The studio was designed principally for acoustic music, but is versatile and welcomes all genres. The studio was founded by Odradek Records, a democratic cooperative record label based in the United States, active in classical, jazz and world. Aside from being the home for Odradek projects, The Spheres is available to all labels, engineers, projects, and artists.


The Spheres is a tracking studio offering also mixing and mastering services. Recording is digital in PCM; the control room is a stereo Tom Hidley-inspired ‘non-environment’ space, equipped with a Yamaha DM2000 console and Lavry Blue converters. A large selection of world class microphones is available. The piano is a Steinway D (Fabbrini Concert Collection). The studio runs on solar power, supplemented by a Tesla Powerwall 2. Lighting is 100% LED and flicker free.


All rooms are acoustically isolated from one another. The studio was rapidly constructed inside an adapted warehouse between November 2016 and May 2017 by master builders Amadou and Mustafa Nguer of Touba. Electrical, solar, and HVAC systems designed and installed by A&I srl. Planning and acoustic design was by John Anderson.