Featuring a Steinway D “Fabbrini Collection”
350 square meter complex Main Room 15 x 9 x 8 meters
housing up to 50-person orchestras
Precision Amphion monitoring in our “Non-Environment Room”
Top quality audio and video equipment

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Main Room 15 x 9 x 8m. Silent floor heating and cooling.
Drum Booth 5 x 4 x 3m
Vocal Booth 4 x 3 x 3m
Control Room 8 x 6 x 4m
Post Production Room 8 x 4 x 4m
Recreation Room – Kitchen, TV, coffee machine, sofa Backyard area with BBQ and deckchairs
Machine Room, 3 Bathrooms


Steinway Model D (Hamburg, Fabbrini Collection)
Fabbrini technicians on call


Gibraltar 9608E Drum Throne
2x Pearl BC-830 Cymbal boom stand
2x Pearl C-830 Straight cymbal stand
2x Pearl H-830 Hi-Hat stand
2x Pearl S-830 Snare stand
2x Pearl P-930 Single Bass Drum pedal


Orange Dual Terror DT30H ALL VALVE HEAD 15/15/7 WATTS
Orange PPC112 Guitar Speaker Cabinet


Mu-Tron Phasor II (original)


Yamaha DM2000


2 Neumann M149 (matched pair)
2 Flea 12 (matched pair)
2 Flea M49 (matched pair)
2 Schoeps M221F (matched pair with M934 capsules)

2 AKG C414 XLS (matched pair)
4 DPA4006 (2 matched pairs)
2 DPA4011 (matched pair)
1 Schoeps MSTC 64 U (RAI edition)
2 Schoeps MK4 (matched pair)
1 Schoeps MK41
1 Schoeps CMIT 5U
1 Schoeps CCM8 LG
2 Sennheiser 8020
4 Sennheiser 8040
2 Sennheiser 8090
AT Pro44 Unidirectional Boundary mic

Ribbon and Moving-Coil Dynamics
2 Royer R-121 (matched pair)
2 Coles 4038 (matched pair)
2 x Shure SM57 LC
1 x Shure Beta 52A, dynamic microphone, Supercardioid
2 x Sennheiser MD-421 II-4
1 x Sennheiser e602-II

Preamps & DI

8 x Forssell SMP-2
Earthworks 1024
D.W. Fearn VT2
Avalon U5
Radial J48 Active Direct Box
Radial JDI Duplex
Radial X-Amp Active Reamper
Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface System
Radial JDI MK3 Passive DI Box
Radial JDV MK5 ActiveDI Box
Radial Firefly Tube DI

A/D Convertors

Lavry Blue (16AD / 16DA)
Metric Halo ULN-8 (Sonic Studio 305)
Weiss ADC2 (with firewire)
Apogee Mini-ME


Dangerous Music Compressor
2 x Empirical Labs EL8-XS Distressor (British Mode and Image Link)

Reverb processor

Bricasti M7


Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube

Monitor Controller & DAC

Crane Song Avocet
Grace m902 (balanced outputs)

Monitors & Cans

Amphion Two18 (with DMSD 60 Pro) Amphion Base25
Neumann KH120
ME Geithain RL906
Live room (playback): Electro-Voice ELX 112P
Sennheiser HD 800 headphones (open)
2 x Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm headphones (closed)
2 x Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones (closed)
1x Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 16 Ohm, Black Limited Edition (closed) 5 x Aviom A360 Personal Mixer, Aviom Yamaha 16/o-Y1 A-Net Card


Denon DN-300Z MK II, CD/SD/USB/BT Player
Thorens TD125
Rothwell Rialto Phonostage Grado Prestige Gold 1


Sequoia 13
Pro Tools 12
Weiss Saracon
soundBlade HD (2 licenses) & Amarra Player Samplitude
Apple Logic 8
Spectrafoo Metering
Flux Pure Analyzer
Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Cloud


RME HDSPe AES PCIe Interface – up to 192kHz, 16x I/O, 8x AES/EBU
Windows 8.1, Intel i5-6600K 3.5GHz, 16GB Corsaire DDR4-2133 RAM, with Samsung Pro 850 SSD, BE QUIET Silent base 800 and ASROCK Z170-Extreme 6 motherboard.
IMAC 27”/CTO 4.0GHz QC i7, TB up to 4.2GHz 32GB Ram 1867MHz DDR3L (4x8GB)HARD DRIVE 3TB Fusion Drive
Mac Pro 2.8Ghz dual processors quad-core, 32GB ram
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB ram
TC Electronic Digital Konnect x32 digital patchbay
JL Cooper controller
Avid Artist Transport controller


DMGAudio COMPassion
DMGAudio EQuilibrium
Exponential Audio Bricasti M7 Control
FabFilter Pro-MB
FabFilter Pro-C 2
FabFilter Pro-Q 2
FabFilter Pro-DS
FabFilter Pro-L
FabFilter Pro-G
FabFilter Saturn
FabFilter Pro-R
Flux Ircam Verb
Flux Pure Limiter
Izotope RX Post Production Suite 2
Izotope Ozone 6
Izotope Nectar
Izotope Alloy
Sonic Studio reNOVAtor
Sound Radix AutoAlign
Sound Radix Pi
Voxengo Latency Delay
Voxengo Sound Delay
Waves Linear EQ
Waves VEQ3
Waves VEQ4
Waves S1
Waves C1
Waves Dorrough stereo
WAVES CLASIGSG – Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series
Waves USW379-1362-532 – Renaissance Maxx
Waves USW379-1362-608 – SSL 4000 Collection


Zoom F8
Zoom F4
Zoom H6
Zoom FRC-8
JoeCo BBR1-B Blackbox Recorder


NEUTRIK NPPA-TT-S-FN, TT-Phone 96er Patchbay
5 x Motorola CLP446 Walkie Talkies
DW Fearn LP-1 line pad
Radial OX8J splitter
Radial JS3
Radial Cherry Picker Studio Preamp Selector
Radial Gold Digger Passive Mic Selector

Seating and stands

40 x Bergerault B1014 Orchestra Chairs
4 x 4x Bergerault B2002
24 x K&M 11930 Orchestra Stand Overture
Manhasset 54 Conductor`s Stand Regal
2 Steinway piano benches
Andexinger Piano Bench Lift-o-matic
Mey Chair Systems AF5-KB-H-PU5
1x Bergerault B1025


1 x Triad-Orbit Triad T1
10 x Triad-Orbit Triad T2
6 x Triad-Orbit Triad T3
4 x Triad-Orbit Orbit O1
3 x Triad-Orbit Orbit O2
1 x Triad-Orbit Orbit Mini, Boom with IO-A2 Quick-Change arm
1 x Triad-Orbit IO-VM, Short telescopic boom arm
1 x Triad-Orbit Triad T-ES
1 x Triad-Orbit IO-VM, Video Display
1 x Triad-Orbit Micro M1-R Retrofit Orbital Stem Hanging Mic Adapter
1 x Triad-Orbit Micro M2-R Retrofit Short Stem Orbital Mic Adapter
1 x Triad-Orbit Micro 2 M2 Short Stem Orbital Mic Adapter
2 x Triad-Orbit IO-C Mounting Clamp with IO Quick-Change Coupler
1 x Triad-Orbit IO-Desk
1 x Triad-Orbit iOrbit Universal Smartphone and Tablet Holder
54 x Triad-Orbit IO-RA/6 Quick-Change Coupler
3 x Triad-Orbit Lighting Stud Quick-Change Coupler for Light Stands
3 x Triad-Orbit 1/4″-20 Lighting Stud IO Mounting Head
2 x Triad-Orbit Quick-Change GoPro Adapter Kit
6 x Triad-Orbit CableControl
4 x Triad-Orbit IO-H Quick-Change Coupler Mounting Head for Triad Microphone Stands
4 x Triad-Orbit 5/8″ to 3/8″-16 Camera Adapter
1 x Triad-Orbit IO-H3 3/8″ Mounting Head
2 x Triad-Orbit IO-H4 1/4″-20 Mounting Head
1 x Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags Ballast Bags

AEA 13.5′ Flightweight Convertible Boom Stand
KM 21430
Grace Design Spacebar SB-30, SB-66, Center mount bridge
various stereo bars and other stands


9 x Taytrix Gobos (9 x G-SLPP30, 6 x G-SLCP304, 6 x G-SLCP15, 3 x G-SLFP30, 3 x G- SLFP15)
Hidley inspired non-environment mixing room
Homemade bass traps & broadband absorbers
8 Homemade 2D QRD diffusors (180 x 90cm, Skywalker Sound inspired)
54 Homemade 3D QRD diffusors (120x120cm, BBC Skyline design)
RPG ACTL3 pack with ceiling panels
RPG Skyline LP diffusors
IsoBlanket Pro + rockwool isolation
HOFA Acoustic Curtain ISO custom, area density: 1200 g/m2, size: 700 cm x 300 cm (width x height)
Bergerault Acoustic Deflector BDAV


HOFA DDP Player for client’s proofing, DDP delivery to pressing plant, MFiT delivery to iTunes


Gotham XLR GAC-3 200m
Gotham XLR GAC- 8 140m
Gotham XLR GAC-16 70m
Gotham GAC-2 AES-EBU 200m
Gotham GAC- 8 Paar AES 40m
Gotham BNC GVC-1 SDI 300m
Gotham Speakon SPK 2×2,5mm2 100m
Gotham CAT5e 900m
Gotham Power Cable
All Neutrik plugs and sockets


7kW Solar Panel Installation
Tesla Powerwall 2
4 x Furman AC-210 A E, Miniature Power Conditioner 10A
1 x Furman P-2300 IT E, symmetrical balanced power conditioner


2 x ECLIPSEFC ottica 19°
2 x ECLIPSEFC ottica 26°
mixer luci CYBER 192
Area 48 Soft 2044 LED 3200K TUNGSTEN HEAD – BLK
High efficiency cooling and heating, all LED flicker-free lighting
3 x Next COSMO
CBT Recording lamps


3 Sony SRG300-H IP cams (3 100m Cat-6 leads on spools)
3 x PAC5 EZ-2-Connect PTZ Camera Solution
IP Controller RM-BR300 control panel
1 Sony FS7 XDCAM Super 35 4K
1 Sony A9
1 Sony A7r Mk2
1 Sony A7s
16 GoPro Session Black 4K
3 Panasonic AG-HMC150 3 Chip HD AVCHD Camcorders with Varicam remotes for remote control
3 Atomos Ninja-2
DJI Ronin
Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD (control panel with built in switcher) Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio – HD Digital Video Mixer
Panasonic BT-L2150EJ LCD Video Monitor
EIZO ColorEdge CG243W monitor for color correction
Rycote Super Shields (mono and MS)
EyeDirect Folding Mark E

External Mastering House

Studio Sequenza, Paris